The ThermoLine-VAC series comprises heating ovens with gas-tight, double wall, water-cooled pressure containers. The series is renowned for its high level of versatility. The cold wall oven can be fi tted to work with high vacuums (1*10-06 mbar) as well as all common protective gas atmospheres according to customer requirements, and can reach temperatures from 1500 °C up to 2000 °C.

Fields of application

  • Sintering and debinding
  • Curing and melting
  • Vacuum- and inert gas soldering

Technical properties

Exemplary system data (image)

  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 2000 x 1800 x 1000 mm³
  • Heated working space (Ø, H): 200 mm, 250 mm
  • Power rating: 100 kW
  • Maximum temperature: 1500 °C
  • Atmosphere: high vacuum

Measuring, control and regulation technology

  • Siemens PLC S7-1200 with control panel KTP700 or higher
  • Temperature measurement by thermocouple or pyrometer
  • Regulation according to the product temperature, power setting
  • Temperature ramps and automation of heating processes in recipes
  • Pressure control and monitoring
  • Documentation of process data for quality assurance


  • Stainless steel frame or powder coated stainless steel
  • Wall construction:
       → Heating element
            → Radiation signs
                → Stainless steel pressure vessel (double-walled, water cooled)
  • Heating elements of metal or graphite
  • MCR-technology integrated in the frame
  • Exhauster integrated on the frame

Optional properties and equipment variants

  • Pressure monitoring for quality assurance
  • Contactless temperature measurement
  • Atmospheres:
    • Vacuum
    • Reducing atmospheres
    • Protective gas/inert gas
  • Heating power or maximum temerature
  • Working chamber dimensions
  • Various opening mechanisms

Ingolf Jaeger

Sales Manager
Dipl.-Eng. for mechanical engineering

Phone: +49 (0) 3731 1683-15

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