Press echo to the 10th anniversary

On 21 December 2012 IBT turned 10; an occasion to look back on the past development with pride and to approach the realisation of our visions for the future with optimism.

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STIR® grilled delicatessen for dogs and cats

STIR®-infrared-grill system for pet food, infrared heater emitter, ir-heater, ir-dryer

The Swiss company Delipet AG has put a STIR® grill system for pet food inoperation a year ago and now has acquired experiences with our infrared technology for the first time.

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IBT is participating at the export initiative energy effiency

The export initiative energy efficiency - initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology - published an English-language company database on the internet.

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Successfull process development in product heating

New infrared plant, ir-heater, infrared heater emitter, infrared heating technology increases productivity of the infrared plant to 25%

STIR® emitters improve the quality and increase productivity.

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