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Dear Customers & Suppliers,

from 29.04. until 03.05.2019 we have maintenance work on our server. Please expect a limited accessibility during this period. In particular on 29.04. and 30.04.2019 we cannot receive e-mails and are only partially available by phone.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your IBT team

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Mobile independent infrared system for baking industry

For an established producer of biscuit and cake products the company IBT developed a mobile independent infrared system. Due to this system a significant reduction in baking time of the pastries and therewith an increase in throughput could be achieved.

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Maximum heat exposure by infrared

For the process related heating, the use of infrared emitters opens numerous advantages. IBT Infrabiotech allows a maximum energy input and high flow rates by client-specific ir plant engineering, especially for the processing of organic sheets.

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STIR®-throughput plant for the heating textile straps has proved itself

An initial throughput plant for a manufacturer of technical textiles has been put into operation successfully in the beginning of 2015. In the beginning of this year, the three other plants have been delivered for the production site.

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Laboratory plant/throughput plant for the heating/flash off/drying of technical primer/base coat, top coat and clear varnish

For a faculty of studies the company IBT developed a laboratory plant designed as a throughput plant for different processes of coating drying. On this plant different processes take place, such as heating, flash off and drying of technical primer, top coat and clear varnish. The throughput plant consists of three heating zones. Therefore the company IBT utilizes its diversified product portfolio, as the several zones are equipped with infrared heaters of different wavelengths.

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Heating system for the bonding of fleece pads without welding edge for textile car mats

For the bonding of fleece pads without welding edges, the company IBT has developed an infrared unit which has been integrated into a first prototype system.

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Infrared batch oven for the warming of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic sheets

For the focused warming of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic sheets for a subsequently mould-/thermoforming process, the company IBT realized an infrared batch oven on customer requirements. The plant has two heating places for the reciprocate feeding and removal of the organic sheets by means of robot handling. This ensures the end customer in the aerospace sector an increase in product throughput at simultaneous capacity of the thermoform-pressing plant.

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Continuous STIR® plant for the heating of animal feed

For a company in the sector of animal feed production IBT realized a continuous plant for the heating of animal feed. The purpose of this plant is the focused deaden of vermin by using infrared renouncing pesticides as well as the reduction of water content. The self-contained continuous plant is integrated into an overall facility as a partial production step.

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Introduction: new distributor for the IBT infrared-technology in Poland

The company IBT.InfraBioTech GmbH greets its new distributor ENTRO HOLDINGS Sp. z o.o.for the polish market. With the company IBT and ENTRO HOLDINGS two strong companies are joining for efficient and customized solutions in the sector of plant engineering/infrared technology for the processing plastics industry.

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