Advice and engineering on heat processes

We, the company IBT.InfraBioTech GmbH, support our customers with a wide range of services. For many thermal processes we use our established series. For other applications we develop an infrared solution, optimally designed for your thermal process as your partner.


You have to solve a thermal process? IBT supports you. We take your process and material requirements and show you different options during a first consultation. Together we plan further steps.

Specifications and bidding phase

After evaluating the experiments, we will work out a needs-based solution for you. We systematically evaluate the requirements of your process. The design of the infrared system or IR furnace is carried out according to the test results (or your specifications) and includes a process-safe control system.

Design of the thermal process

For a large number of thermal processes, we can rely on our proven oven series and andjust and offer them customized. For new and complex thermal processes, we conduct experiments at your site or in our house to support our design.

Field tests for the choice of the correct type of infrared heater

We plan the experimental setup and provide the necessary equipment. We mount this in your system under real production and environmental conditions.

The practical test setup clarifies the crucial questions about the process:

  • Is infrared suitable for optimizing my system?
  • Which type of emitter is best suited for my heat process
  • How does the material react?
  • How can infrared be integrated into my existing or newly installed system?

You accompany us while conducting the test and keep track. It is very important for us to work closely with you because no one knows the product requirements better than you. After completion of the experiments, the evaluation of the test results.

Discretion is a matter of course for us! If necessary, confidentiality agreements are recorded in writing.

Infrared radiation tests - self-directed experiments

We also provide rental equipment if you already have experience with infrared radiation or you would like to carry out your experiments on your own.

With the infrared and control technology, you can independently test the suitability of our products in your process. For technical questions, our experienced engineers are at your disposal.

Selection of emitters

Based on the tests we select the most suitable IR radiation source.

This is done with attention to:

  • The best emission characteristics
  • The optimum thermal efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Process speed
  • Reaction times (heating, holding, cooling)
  • Process temperature, product throughput, process space

We integrate the selected infrared unit into your concept. Due to our broad assortment, we are very flexible in the choice of ir heaters.



Design Engineering & Electrical Design

In all phases, we work together with you in constant consultation. In addition, the exchange of CAD data in various formats is possible. Only after approval of the construction and the circuit diagram, we begin with the assembly. So all necessary interfaces can be considered.

Manufacturing & Assembly

We manufacture and deliver the ready-to-use infrared system or the ready-to-install infrared emitter system.

Our products are tested according to electrical standards and have the CE mark. The affixing of the CE marking to our products is based on the EC Declaration of Conformity. Its primary purpose is to prove to the manufacturer that all essential health and safety requirements of all relevant European directives for the product are met. We conduct a risk assessment to review and evaluate these standards.

As a TÜV-certified company, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, we vouch for high quality standards in all areas of the company.

Commissioning & Start-up

We support you with the installation and implementation into your plant as well as the commissioning of the plant. If required, a detailed briefing of your employees by our qualified staff takes place.


Warranty and After Sales Service

Even after successful commissioning, our technical support team is at your disposal. On our spotlight systems, we grant you a 24-month warranty.

In addition to the new development of plants, we also offer the maintenance and modernization (retrofit) of existing plants.


Also test our pilot plant ContiLine-LAB

Process Description / process parameters

  • Heating and drying of:
    • Painted components
    • Organosheets
    • Plastic components
    • Plastic films
  • Target temperature of the products: up to 350 °C
  • Heated length in the direction of flow: 2000 mm
  • Version for drying solvent-based paints with optional ventilation

Heater concept

  • SIR heater (Fast Medium Wave InfraRed) for heating:
    • 18 emitters for heating from above
    • 3 emitters each for heating from both sides
    • In total 24 emitters divided into 8 zones
  • MIR heater (middle InfraRed) for heating from below

Transport system

  • Wire link conveyor 950 mm wide
  • Belt speed variably adjustable

Dimensions of the system

  • Length 3500 mm
  • Width 1400 mm
  • Height 1650 mm

Connected load of the entire system

  • From 40 kW (connection via 63 A CEE plug)

Ingolf Jaeger

Sales Manager
Dipl.-Eng. for mechanical engineering

Phone: +49 (0) 3731 1683-15

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