Industrial furnaces

Industrial furnaces belong to the thermoprocessing plants and are used for the industrial processing of components and materials. With their help, it is not unusual to edit the most important production stages. IBT develops individual high-performance furnaces, which are operated as standalone production units within a value added chain.

Infrared systems

Infrared systems from IBT are high-performance units that can be integrated into your production line as a thermo-technical component. Due to their small footprint and the rapid, efficient heating they are very flexible. However, infrared systems require a specific adaptation to the product and the corresponding manufacturing process. For this purpose, IBT is at your disposal with extensive know-how.

Infrared heater

Infrared Heaters serve the realization of thermal processes. It is unique that IBT offers manufacturer-independent infrared radiators in all wavelength ranges. The product and/or process-related selection ensure optimum heat transfer and high energy efficiency. Infrared heaters are used primarily in industrial manufacturing processes.

MCR technology

The measurement, control and regulation technology is used for the automation of industrial plants. Intelligent systems control complicated, interdependent or interacting processes. A well-engineered measuring and control technology helps to optimize the manufacturing process by means of independent temperature measurement, regulation, power setting and process control.

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